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Choosing Your Bridesmaid Dresses

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Missouri Wedding Articles » Wedding Planning

When you are choosing the bridesmaid dresses for your wedding, you should take a few things into consideration. Selecting the perfect bridesmaid dresses with the girls in your wedding party can actually be a good time if you plan it just right. Try to make this a time that you will all remember fondly when you look back on the wedding later in life.

The bridesmaids should be allowed to have some input on the dresses that they will be wearing. Many brides may not agree with that, but you should consider that the bridesmaids will be purchasing these dresses with their own money. Give them some guidelines on color and theme, but let them make some choices that you can both agree on for the wedding. It will make the whole event a great deal more pleasant for your bridesmaids.

Try to get all of the girls together for your shopping trip. It can be difficult to get a group together at the same time, but it makes things much less confusing if you can all go at the same time. While you are choosing the dresses, you should consider the shape and figure of the girl who will be wearing the dress. Allowing your bridesmaids to wear something that is flattering to their figure will help them feel more comfortable on your wedding day. It is worth it to have a smiling bridesmaid instead of one who is uncomfortable.

Think about the accessories that will go along with the dresses as well. This is a good time to consider jewelry for your bridesmaid gifts. Something special for them to wear on your big day would be an ideal gift for you to give the bridesmaids. And it will ensure that the look is well coordinated on the big day.

Consider how the girls will wear their hair when you are choosing dresses. The neckline of the dress will determine how to best wear their hair. It is possible for each of the girls to have a slightly different style of dress in the same color which may mean that each of the girls wears their hair in a different way. Giving your bridesmaids this much freedom on the choice of dress is a very sophisticated look. Imagine your beautiful bridesmaids gliding down the aisle ahead of you, each radiant in their own version of the perfect bridesmaid dress.

It just isn’t necessary to make the bridesmaid wear a hideous dress that she will spend too much money for and stuff in the back of her closet after the day of your wedding. Have some happy and glowing girls in your wedding party and everything they wear will look great

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