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Planning Winter Weddings

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There are many people who are planning to have their wedding during the winter season. Because of the increasing popularity of these cold weather weddings some really great ideas have been discovered to make your big day an event to remember.

You should always start your wedding planning with a good agenda and list of tasks that must be completed before your wedding. Start browsing through the bridal magazines and guides to get some wonderful winter wedding ideas. This is a great source for brides to be.

Details such as your invitation can be a perfect place to start your winter theme. Try including snow scenes or snowflakes on the winter wedding invitations. Stark white and silvers are wonderful colors for a winter invitation as well. You may have to have your invitations custom made if you can’t find a suitable winter theme on the invitations.

Cool winter colors should be used for the décor and the dresses for the wedding. A winter blue is a lovely choice for bridesmaid dresses. Make sure that it has a touch of silver for that cool look. The flowers and decorations for the reception can take advantage of the starkness of the season. Branches without leaves decorated with silver touches are a stunning look for the tables at your reception.

Hearty foods can be served at a winter wedding. Choose foods that everyone loves during the cold months. Stews are a wonderful choice for a winter wedding that your guests will appreciate. Make the food choices rich and hearty for all your guests at your winter wedding.

Use the snowflake theme for your wedding favors. Glittery and sparkling snowflakes can be used to decorate a container that holds candies or sweets for the guests. You can also add a gift that has a cozy and inviting look such as candles in warm tones for those cold winter nights.

A winter wedding can be just as beautiful as a June wedding if you take the time to plan accordingly. Embrace the cold weather and incorporate it into your wedding décor and dress. The wedding dress should be a full length and regal affair that is fitting for the season. There are a variety of fabrics that would work well during the colder seasons such as fake fur. What a fun way to dress for your winter wedding extravaganza.

Make sure that your guests are comfortable and warm while the weather is cold outside. Serve coffee instead of iced drinks after the meal. Cakes and cookies that are rich and decadent are fitting for a winter wedding you can order cakes online to save you the trouble. All of these details will bring your winter wedding together. If you are lucky enough to have a blanket of snow on the ground for your winter wedding, make sure that some outdoor photographs are taken to capture the season and beauty of the winter in your wedding photographs.

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