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What is a Wedding Planner?

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Missouri Wedding Articles » Wedding Planning

Many couples today are far too busy to plan their own wedding. As a result, busy brides and mothers of the bride often turn to the services of a wedding planner to help them with all of the details of planning and pulling off a spectacular and personal wedding.

Wedding Planner Services

Wedding planners can provide just about any service that a bridal couple needs for their wedding and reception. Very often, before beginning to plan a wedding and reception for a couple, the wedding planner will go over the intended services with the couple. Some wedding planners will outline in writing the specific services they will provide, and if that plan changes, then an amendment to the agreement will be written and added to the contract.

Some examples of the services a wedding planner can provide include:
• Assistance securing a wedding or reception site.
• Assistance with choosing a wedding cake.
• Assistance with arranging transportation needs.
• Assistance with coordinating a destination wedding.
• Help choosing, addressing or mailing invitations.
• Help coordinating the wedding service, including rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.
• Assistance choosing a reception menu and catering company.

Wedding Planner Charges

Generally, wedding planners or consultants charge for their services either based on a flat rate or on a percentage of the total wedding and reception budget.

Flat rate services are usually limited to specific services that are outlined in a written contract. For example, the wedding planner might agree to secure a reception site, coordinate the menu and help the bride choose a cake and coordinate florist services. Should the couple decide that they want additional services, the planner usually writes and amended contract outlining the additional services and requires an additional fee be added to the flat rate charge.

Percentage services can be set up one of two ways – a percentage of the total budget with no cap on the dollar amount of the fee or a percentage of the budget up to a dollar cap on the fee. Many couples find that their budget changes as they get into the planning of the budget and usually the budget ratchets upward quickly. Having a dollar cap on the fee not only provides motivation for the coordinator to keep the budget in line, but also gives the couple a guideline for what specific services the wedding planner will provide for them.


Wedding planners can provide invaluable services to a busy bridal couple, including helping coordinate the wedding, helping with planning all of the details and even making sure the wedding and reception go off without a hitch. A good wedding planner will help a couple keep their budget under control and often wedding planners charge for their services based on a flat fee or on a percentage of the budget.

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