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A Moment in Time Video Productions

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St. Louis, MO, 63366
Phone: 636-294-2367

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Photo Gallery:
Services Provided: Photographers, Video

Areas Served: Central, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest

A Moment in Time Video Production is a family owned company that realizes when the day is this important you should be the focus of our every attention. We capture the magic of each breathless moment.
Together you have planned and worried over every detail of this incredible day and it is our responsibility to insure you have an artistic and life long memory to share with family and friends. Each wedding we video is not only shot with professional service, equipment, and experience, but also with an artistic edit that will be custom to your style and request. No two videos we create are ever just a like.
When the last dance has been danced, your dress is packed away and the thank you notes have all been written there is no better way to remember it all than with a professional video.
I can not even tell you the number of couples (probably every one) that has told us without their video they would not have remembered a fraction of what they were able to watch and hear.
Photos are wonderful - but video is a step above that. You can not only watch, but hear the love, laughter and personal moments between you. You know you put the ring on each others finger, walked into the room the first time as Mr. and Mrs., cut your cake (and maybe stuffed or fed it to one another), danced your first dance and so many other memorable moments, but to actually get to sit and watch it all played back with all the serious and silly moments captured - it is priceless. It is the only investment of your wedding day that will truly last your lifetime.
Each time you watch your video you will remember: The Day you Started Your Life Together.
Think how many times you have watched a video clip of something that brought back a memory or emotion. There is only a few memories in ones life that will be cherished like your wedding day.
Often due to budget couples try to cut video out as something they may be able to live with out. Once you see how emotional you feel when you watch your video you will be glad you found a way to include this service in your wedding day budget. We have packages to fit any budget and know you will love our work and heart felt interest in being sure your wedding day is a way to remember the romance forever.
A Moment in Time is always honored to be a part of making your wedding day a life long memory.

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