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A#1 Karaoke & DJ Service

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po box 1950, ROLLA, MO, 65401
Phone: 573 368 0936, 573 402 1051

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Services Provided: DJs, Entertainers

Areas Served: Central

573-368-0936. My name is Craig (the Scottish DJ) and I am a Mobile DJ/KJ. My wife and I own and run A#1 Karaoke & DJ Service and we offer the "best" rates for and specializing in Weddings, (for which I have the Greatest experience).Birthday Parties, Reunions, Proms, Clubs, Events.

At A#1 Karaoke and DJ Service, we have the finest equipment in the area and the best sound to offer our clients. When you contract with us, your event is not subcontracted to an inexperienced DJ with poor skills and second-rate equipment.
Prices for a 4hr Wedding Reception start at $295 in the local Rolla area

If you seek professional upscale musical entertainment, we are here to serve you. We like to have fun, get folks up and dancing and make your event memorable without being overbearing.

DJ with Karaoke on the side is also available You can also count on a vast varied selection of music and over 30 years of DJing experience including Radio to help make your occasion Unforgettable.
Please call or E-mail for prices/upgrades and and availability. Credit card payments through Paypal Accepted

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